Maserati Ghibli will get possibility to be powered from the socket

Maserati Ghibli flagship sedan with the hybrid power plant was announced. The new model was supposed to be shown in 2020 at the Beijing Auto Show, but the exhibition was postponed due to the coronavirus. Nevertheless the debut of the first Maserati hybrid is still to be expected this year. Note the fact that the sedan with the same name […]

New technologies for massage chairs

Only modern and advanced technologies have long been used in the production of massage chairs. This allows the latest models of the massage chairs to perform a very high level of massage, which can be compared to the work of the experienced professionals. New generation massage chairs have a special mechanism controlled by a microcomputer. It is this miracle device […]

Sky technologies

The main efforts of the company’s engineers are focused not on creating the increasingly popular hybrid or electric variants of existing models, but on improving the current ones based on the same internal combustion engine technology. And the Japanese are using all possible ways for this – environmental friendliness and efficiency is achieved by literally working on every unit of […]

How to rejuvenate your face? All kinds of modern technologies

The process of facial aging is irreversible, as is the entire aging process of the human body. But for women the appearance of wrinkles on the face is a very painful factor. That’s why there are so many anti-wrinkle facial technologies all over the world that solve the problem of facial skin rejuvenation. Methods of facial rejuvenation The most modern […]

Mavic AIR 2 and Mavic 2 Pro – drones for professionals

The Mavic series also includes the devices with more features and better parameters, which are aimed at the professional users. They are used by filmmakers, photographers as well as surveyors and real estate agencies. Of course, more functionality is followed by a higher price, which means that their purchase is made by the users who use them in their work. […]

The scientists created the smallest endoscope in the world

The international research team has developed the smallest flexible endoscope in the world. The invention allows to look into the blood vessels, providing high quality 3D images. Over the past few years there has been tremendous progress in medicine, and nowadays more and more technologies, that have recently been unthinkable, are increasingly being used. One such technology is robots that […]