Tiya is a mobile app, which lets users immerse themselves in a new voicemail social network. Here you can easily meet interesting people and make useful contacts to discuss any worrying topics with them in voice chat rooms. As designers of the app from TIYA PTE studio promise, any person can easily find people for exciting conversations here. Regardless of your range of interest – games, songs, parties, future tech – there will always be someone to discuss the topic with.

Tiya’s features

In the beginning the app was designed to be aimed at gamers. As we know, they need teamwork to play numerous online games. That’s why TIYA PTE laborlores offered a simple way of convenient voice communication. But the they noticed that the users started using the chats just to talk. Therefore tiya app continued to develop and turned into a full social network, where you can:

  1. Find groups of your interests to join. In Tiya there are hundreds of groups discussing various topics – games, anime, pop-culture, technologies, relationships, etc. A user can download free android app at any time and join any of them to talk to like-minded friends. If you cannot find the group with particular topic, it is easy to make your own.
  2. Voice chat. Get acquainted with amazing gamers. Those, who are crazy about popular online games, can find the chat and meet new people, who are all passionate about one game project, in no time. After this you just exchange gaming information, form a team and enjoy the fascinating trip which Tiya provides.
  3. Adjust a room chat. Make your own place. If a user is looking for a place to invite friends or communicate, they can download and install apk for android for Tiya. And Tiya is going to be the best choice! It is not difficult to make your room chat and share the link to team up with your friends in a few steps.

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Join Tiya or make chat rooms to enter the world of everything you like!

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