Only modern and advanced technologies have long been used in the production of massage chairs. This allows the latest models of the massage chairs to perform a very high level of massage, which can be compared to the work of the experienced professionals.

New generation massage chairs have a special mechanism controlled by a microcomputer. It is this miracle device that is able to perform complex calculations of massage combinations for a particular person. When designing an individual program, it takes into account the user’s height, weight, as well as the degree of muscle tension and even anthropometric data.

But that’s not all! The use of the high technologies in mechanical engineering made it possible to speak with confidence about the equality, and sometimes even the superiority of the massage quality in a chair over a manual one. For example, the used jade provides a gentle and healing warming up, and the DreamWave function, which performs gentle rocking, perfectly relaxes the muscles. What to say about the Zero-G function, because this technology was borrowed from the space industry. It couldn’t be more innovative!