We may all need Microsoft software, whether an operating system or an office program. Those who want to get a free licensed version of Windows or MS Office should try KmsAuto NET. It offers numerous features to its users, which you should check out before installing on your computer to understand what this awesome activator provides.

Activate Windows

If you can’t afford or don’t want to buy an original copy of Windows OS, you can use the KMSAuto activator to activate your Microsoft Windows OS for free. This activator gives you the status of an original Windows user so that when you connect your PC to the internet, it appears to Microsoft that you are using an original copy. Unlike other activators that may expose you as a spammer or deactivate your Windows, KMSAuto is a reliable and safe activator.

Backup Files

The backup files feature automatically backs up activation files. This means that when you reinstall Windows, you don’t need to take any additional steps to install the files again. This feature can be very useful if your Windows gets corrupted and you don’t have a file or internet connection.

Activate Microsoft Office

If you downloaded a backup of MS Office from a third-party website instead of buying the original and your trial has expired, but you still want to use it for free, KMSAuto can help you activate it.

MS Office is also available for activation

This activator can activate all versions of MS Office, including Office 365, regardless of whether you have the 2007 or 2016 version. You will be able to use all the features of Office for free until you reinstall Windows or delete Office.

No Advertisements

One of the most valuable features of KMSAuto Activator is that it doesn’t have any ads, unlike other activators that may have too many annoying ads that disrupt the process of activating Windows. Thanks to KMSAuto Activator, you can activate your Office and Windows OS without any interruptions from advertisements.

Activate Windows Using Keys

This software can activate Windows with a product key if you need help understanding how to use the KMS Server. This eliminates the need to spend hours searching on Google for the right keys, as many websites claim to offer original keys but only provide useless dummy keys.

KMSAuto can detect your Windows version and provide the appropriate key in seconds. Copy this key and enter it in the “Activate Windows” section to complete the process.

Permanently Activate Windows

If you’ve activated your Windows with a different activator, it’s important to know that those activations are not permanent, and your Windows may become deactivated on its own. However, if you use the KMSAuto activator, your Windows will be installed permanently, and you won’t need to activate it again.

100% Virus Free

You can trust this activator as it is completely secure and free of viruses, trojans, and malware. Internet users widely trust it.

KMSAuto Activator is an efficient and reliable way to activate your Windows or MS Office for free. It has numerous features make it stand out from other activators, such as its ability to back up activation files and permanently activate Windows with a product key. Furthermore, KMSAuto has no ads, so that you can complete the process without interruption. Plus, it’s 100% virus-free which makes it safe to use.