Golden Ratio Face is a program for Android smartphones that has a mathematical proportional analysis function. It allows people to measure the level of attractiveness of their faces in a photograph.

Main functions of the program

Golden Ratio Face app uses the golden cross-section of its work, which has been used by artists and sculptures since the beginning of the 16th century. The program applies this and analyzes folds on forehead and eye slit. You have to turn on the front-end camera and take a picture of yourself. Only then will you be able to analyze the photo. Take a selfie, after which the program will upload your photo to the Internet. That’s when it will do a symmetry analysis of facial lines.

The program shows you an overall assessment of the attractiveness of your face on a 10-point system after the procedure is over. You can use this information to improve your makeup. You will not be guided by subjective observations but by scientific mathematical data. That is why this apk app is so popular.

The essence of the golden ratio

The golden ratio is also called the divine ratio. In ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Greece, people used it. Luca Pacioli gave a name to this phenomenon, which lived in the Renaissance and wrote several mathematical studies. In mathematics, the cross-section is manifested in the fact that most of them relate to less than one in the same way as their totality relates to more than one.

Many scientists and artists use it in all spheres of life, even in the modern world. They tend to dream of perfect harmony. Architects, artists, and physicists apply this principle to the design of buildings, to the drawing of people, and to the creation of balanced closed systems. As for scientists, they discover more and more facts about the golden ratio in nature every day. One famous German professor who spent his whole life researching this phenomenon came up with amazing discoveries. It turns out the whole Earth was built on the principle of a golden ratio.

If you apply makeup using this method, you get a harmonious image. Moreover, others will appreciate it at the subconscious level.

Recommendations to users

The program tells its users how do makeup properly and what cosmetology procedures you need. In addition, the app indicates which diet is appropriate for each user. Free advice is given in the trial version. The paid advice is more objective and extended. You can register a monthly subscription.

The paid version of the program has a large set of precise recommendations with detailed description. The program explains how to do facial symmetry analysis correctly and to implement the received advice in practice. Some of these tips refer to the choice of ingredients that are needed for a proper diet. Golden Ratio Face tells its users what combination they should use facial masks and fruits and vegetables that enter the diet.

Download free Android applications is a very nice bonus. You can evaluate their advantages and disadvantages on your own. Then you decide whether to pay for the extended version. Golden Ratio Face has its drawbacks. The point is that this program is too indulgent about users. A person with an asymmetrical face can receive praise from the program. This feature can be an advantage that raises the user’s self-esteem.

DOG VPN has three main functions.

  • Golden Ratio Face analyzes human faces by following the principle of golden cross-section;
  • the program has a free set of basic options;
  • utility supports the possibility of comparing the results of each user with the results of other ones.

download application

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