In the modern world, there is rapid and successful development of technology. Gradually, people begin to notice that the world around them is changing. In this article, you can see a list of the ten technologies of the future that people have already started to use or those that have not yet evolved beyond first stage development. At the same time, they will be the beginning of a qualitatively new step in human development.

10 future technologies

Transparent wood

It is likely that very soon, when constructing buildings, we will begin to use unusual materials. Special chemical treatment of cork wood and its special resin coating allowed scientists to create a completely clean material. It turned out to be incredibly durable and reliable, and it makes the construction process more efficient.

There is the opinion of some experts that even in the near future, this material will become a renewable source of cell manufacturing for solar panels. It has a completely transparent structure and only partially transmits the rays of the sun.

Innovation system

Many modern people remember the cartoon in which residents moved through the pipes. A corporation called Hyperloop has decided to implement this amazing technology. It develops transportation by pipe. So, passengers will be in capsules and will be able to successfully move from one city to another. Speed will be about 1300 kilometres per hour. Such a system will be economically advantageous. Now, many tests are carried out.

Tower-shaped farm

This is really a very interesting solution for growing products. According to projections, by 2050 most people will live in cities. This is why the production of food will become a pressing problem. The best option is a farm in the shape of a tower. Today, they are used on large islands, which lack space for traditional vegetable cultivation, and this method has become very effective.

3D Printers

In the near future, people will learn to independently create not only houses, but also cars, as well as bicycles. Today, this amazing technology is successfully developing. Spheres of its applications are increasing every day. At the same time, the cost of this procedure is reduced too. So, it becomes more accessible. At present, the technology of creation of volume models is already an integral part of modern society and it is sure to be useful in the future.


In the future, glass will be durable, flexible and smart material. So it becomes opaque and transparent, it doesn’t break down, and it gives people the level of security they need. The era of such amazing glasses has already begun. Moreover, experts will begin to manufacture walls from such material in the near future. They will provide us with a level of warmth and light in our home. The necessary energy efficiency of buildings with minimal construction costs will become quite real.


With this amazing technology, people can create many solutions, such as designing houses, exploring new worlds, and building buildings. All this will be realised in a three-dimensional world. Such an amazing future will soon become our reality thanks to modern technologies.



In the near future, new smart machines will be developed. At the same time, the active development of robotics is also an indispensable process of the scientific and technological revolution. Such robots will help us at home, communicate with us and solve a lot of other important tasks. All this is waiting for us in the coming years.


The face of man will change completely. Very soon our possibilities will expand. We will gain the ability to see more, and will also become stronger and faster. New inventions enhance our abilities and help us improve our senses to live differently.

Artificial intelligence

The future will come soon, in which we will use amazing machines with artificial intelligence. So, they will be able to reason and will have certain opportunities. Development of androids has already started and is actively improving.


Soon, nanotechnology will grace our lives and simplify it, and we will regret not having created them before. Nanotechnology will give us an amazing world that we could only dream of.

In this article, you see ten technologies of the future that will change the world. In fact, there is much more of such technology. They will help us to improve our existence and develop science in a faster and more effective way.