The development of IT technologies shows that the current trend will not change this year. This is proven by the studies conducted by IDC, Trend-Force, and Gartner. Even during the pandemic time, the interactive technology market has succeeded. This was possible due to the flexible and productive specifics of presenting the information.


After many organizations switched to remote work, new collaboration systems emerged. These systems took the best of the old services and added some innovation. Experts predict an increase in the IT market of almost 9%, with an expected global GDP of about 5%.


The program is an accelerated transition to cloud technology. Thanks to this innovative program, more than 85% of all enterprises will be converted to this basis. This, in its turn, will allow to development of the created infrastructure 2-2.5 times faster.

Among other features, you can find the following:

  1. The updated cloud space, which task is to protect and optimize the services aiming at reaching the business results. Additionally, the demand for interactive resources will grow due to the support of artificial intelligence. At the same time, experts note that about 60-70% of companies will fail in this direction because there are not enough qualified specialists.
  2. Implementation of artificial intelligence. The plan is to sell AI development to at least 25% of Forbes Global companies by the end of 2022.
  3. Monitoring the correct use of information. This will make digital technology more efficient in the sense of the handling of information.
  4. Environmental measures. They have become an integral and very important part of the IT industry, resulting in reduced energy costs and increased efficiency in the operation of the relevant equipment.
  5. Combining office tasks with remote work. This is the purpose of measures to form departments dealing with personnel training and financial issues.
IT specialist


It represents the foundation for seamless and stable integration between different data platforms and the end user. The popularity of Data Fabric continues to grow every day as the number of disparate repositories increases and the number of analysts and other experts in this field does not.

The mentioned program includes the use of PEC tools that increase confidentiality. In this case, the information will be protected at the software level. They are based on the following three principles:

  • guaranteed reliable environment with information analysis and processing;
  • decentralized maintenance of the systems used;
  • data encryption in multiple ways.

According to statistics, cloud platforms served only 40% of digital initiatives in 2021. Experts believe that by 2025, this figure will increase to 90-95%. Gartner, like IDC, predicts the development of more efficient IT tools. In this case, the profit of companies will be three times bigger, in contrast to businesses that ignore the use of these innovative technologies.

Another point is the distributed location of employees across different territories. This approach will accelerate expected revenue growth by 20-25% by next year. The biggest advantage of the systems described above is autonomy.

They can function according to their own algorithms that are not changed by external influences. According to many experts, such a strategy will soon become the norm and will be used not only in manufacturing but also in robots and drones.